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With my camera, my microphone and my pencils, I offer you an adventure based on joy around the world
to reveal the beauty beyond the shadows, share the enthusiasm
and give some moral support on the way.

For the moment, I am in Geneva

Robert Scheimbet Award

Good Festival Award 2018


Nomadic and humanitarian journalist, militant since 20 years for a positive information, Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois travels around the world to reap the joy to share and offer a platform to men and women inspiring and enthusiastic, working in the shadow of the media and in anonymity. From December 2017 to December 2018, she traveled 30'000 km across Europe in her Begoodee motorhome to share the excitement through 500 publications, 250 articles and 80 video-documentaries. To symbolize this joy, she also made and offered small solar lights along the way to illuminate actions that generate joy or to bring a message of hope to those who might need it. Isabelle and her dogs Ulysses and Lovsky have crossed 25 country to be ambassadors of beauty and to transmit light to each other. Her personal commitment is voluntary but she has been supported in her adventure by many donors. The journalist will devote 2019 to writing a book and making a feature film about this extraordinary human adventure. And maybe a "Joy for the Planet 2" in 2020?


A prayer for Nicci

Nicci's health suddenly got worse. I visited him for a few minutes this morning at the hospital near Amsterdam. To those who followed his story on this blog and who were touched by his incredible sincerity (see the video we made ...

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A year ago, the Recognition Award

May my readers forgive this little sin of pride to share this information with them ... 😉 A year ago, I had the immense joy of receiving the Robert-Scheimbet 2018 Award from the President (now Vice -President) of the SOCIETY GENEVAISE OF UTILITY ...

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Once a month, I will send you the details of my adventures!

By Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois,
Nomadic journalist and director