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With my camera, my microphone and my pencils, I have set off on an adventure searching for joy around the world, with a view to finding and exposing beauty beyond the shadows, sharing enthusiasm and giving a helping hand along the way.

For now, I'm in Giez

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As a nomadic and humanitarian journalist, campaigning for 20 years for positive information, Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois is traveling around the world, looking to reap the joy that can be shared and to offer a platform to inspiring and enthusiastic men and women, who often work in the shadow of the media and in anonymity. To symbolize this joy, she produces and offers little solar lights along the way, in order to illuminate those acts that generate joy, or to bring a message of hope to those who might need it. For the time being, Isabelle and her dog Ulysses are driving around Europe in their motor home Begoodee as ambassadors of beauty, transmitting light from person to person. Her personal involvement and commitment is gratuitous but she needs your support to help her along the way in her adventure.



If you have time for a coffee, climb on board my Begoodee to share what makes you happy or to experience the extraordinary.


Do you know people who are happy, positive, humorous, inventive and full of contagious enthusiasm? I will visit them to spread their recipe for joy!


Support me in my desire to take action by allowing me to make small gestures of friendship or solidarity.


Short exclusive interview with Frédéric Lenoir

Frédéric Lenoir crossed the path of Joy for the Planet or was it the other way round? ;-) A few months ago, whilst I was in the midst of making plans for my project, I had the pleasure of meeting the great French philosopher and writer Frédéric Lenoir at a conference organised by...

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Small newspaper, huge generosity! Many thanks to the Journal de Cossonay!

This is the first time I feel so well understood by a colleague, who, as a bonus, not only writes about, but also supports and and publishes my message. Thank you, my dear Pascal Pellegrino, editor-in-chief of the Journal de Cossonay! I'll make sure I take your article right to my grave, holding it tight against my heart! You...

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A new volunteer for Joy for the Planet!

What an enormous gift for Joy for the Planet! Thanks to Radio Suisse Romande and their program "Premier Rendez-vous" that Caroline was listening to in her car while I was sharing the details of my project, we have a new professional translator! She contacted...

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Once a month, I will send you the details of my adventures!