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Why Joy for the Planet?

In a suffering world, Joy for the Planetaims to share, in the form of reports, the recipes of those who manage to live their joy on a daily basis, whatever the hardships and setbacks of everyday life. In a world with a lack of bearings, constant threats and omnipresent problems that cause anxiety, how can we remain confident and optimistic? How can we keep the desire to get up in the morning?

Dualism and the human condition

Our world is dualistic, swinging from the night of time between shadow and light, pleasure and pain, peace and war, birth and death. This is so and there is nothing to change. We can learn to accept it little by little as a taming. Our free will operates in the choice of how we approach the events of existence, pleasant or painful. "Nothing is good or bad in itself, if not the idea we have of it" I had read somewhere.

If we already have to go through this earthly experience, let's try and live it as happily as possible, shall we? Not by denying the reality around us, sometimes extremely corrosive, but transforming it with courage, dignity and confidence. By going beyond our fears and our conditionings to express our essence and our benevolence. Optimism, taking a step back from what puts us on this earth, remains open to us despite everything, not only protects our body but helps us adjust a little more to the rails of our destiny. Medicine, psychiatry, and psychology have amply demonstrated how negative emotions and thoughts make us tense, weary and how they, in the long run, weaken us. It is not a question of repressing our ills but of not allowing them to settle there and doing everything possible to turn them into steps towards freedom.

It's simply about a better quality of life

Joy for the Planet aims to give you the ingredients, formulas and recipes to cook your destiny to give it the best flavor possible.

Why? Because I personally believe that one additional being on this earth who manages to get reconnected with his inner joy contributes towards lightening up not only his personal story but also the fate of mankind in its entirety.

Opening up to oneself means simultaneously opening up to others

A study conducted for 30 years by the scientist and philosopher David R. Hawkins "Power against Force" (Editions Guy Trédaniel) on the hidden determinants of human behavior would have drawn this astonishing conclusion:

  • a single optimist would compensate for 90'000 people residing at the lowest levels of energies.
  • 1 single individual who emanates the energy of love and respect for everything would compensate for 750'000 negative people.

I do not see myself as an ambassador for this theory as I do not have the ability to verify or justify its relevance. However, my personal experience has given me the conviction that being deeply aligned with one's mission in life and its values, results in us emanating a contagious, even viral, positive energy!

This may give strength or the little bit of fresh impetus that was lacking in order to ride one's own destiny with confidence.

It is therefore with the desire to give everyone the desire to learn to enjoy their existence, with its failures or itsmasterpieces, that I wish to invest all my energy in Joy for the Planet.