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The roadtrip dedicated to the joy offered by the journalist Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois has just been awarded during the edition of GoodFestival 2018. The fourth edition of the Good Festival, which took place in Lausanne from 26 at 29 last April, brought together again a hundred positive and committed personalities.

The GoodFestival is an international event that brings together and celebrates the commitment of social innovators around the world. Every year for several days, it brings together entrepreneurs, influencers, investors and young researchers to collaborate and help each other to develop projects to build a better world.

Joy, a value to be taken very seriously

The journalist, initiator of Joy for the Planet, a motorhome trip to show the beauty of humanity and share the enthusiasm of those who resist general pessimism conquered the members of the Jury. She recalled how cultivating and sharing the best of man was a necessity as an antidote to negative information, to inspire by example and become happier. Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois explained that since her departure in January, she has directed more than 30 videos, 120 articles, accompanied 8 solar lamp manufacturing workshops, distributed a lamp to 17 Nominees of Joy, walked 5000 km, given 7 lectures and realized 30 drawings including some on the facade of his motorhome Begoodee! She received the GoodFestival Medal, which she dedicated to the team of volunteers who work alongside her to make men smile.

Thanks to Sacheen Sierro (communication and marketing), Caroline Hürlimann (translation) and Vincent Hofer (photography) who have offered hundreds of hours to the development of Joy for the Planet and ... the story continues!

Isabelle is surrounded by the entire GoodFestival organizing team, to whom she has also given a solar lamp!

Joy for the Planet was rewarded on the birthday of its initiator, the 28 April !! What better gift for Isabelle, surrounded by her friends, her dog Ulysses and several volunteers and supporters of the project?

Sacheen Sierro aboard Begoodee, the irreplaceable co-pilot of Isabelle to continue the great road of joy!

Beautiful medal, purely symbolic but rewarding for all the efforts of the Joy for the Planet team.

This prize is not accompanied by money but the only two words on the medal of "compassion" and "wisdom" are the most beautiful salaries in the world!

Isabelle offered her medal to Ulysses, his dog, true hero of the adventure! Odysseus survived the attack of 5 dogs and a week later, at a very serious pulmonary embolism due to his age (15 years). Ulysses sows love and tenderness everywhere in his path and accompanies Isabelle in each of his steps. The duo is inseparable since 12 years and has a mission to love as many people as possible down here ... Ulysses is not ready to leave this world yet and still intends to make many happy!

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