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With the President of the Geneva Public Utility, Dominique J. Ducret.

What a marvellous surprise I had on 14 June at the annual general meeting of the Geneva Society of Public Utility (SGUP)!

I received in Geneva the Robert Scheimbet Prize from the hands of its President, Dominique J. Ducretin Geneva. The Robert-Scheimbet Award was created to "distinguish people who, simply, modestly, discreetly, have for years achieved what they saw as a duty to themselves and to their neighbours, without expecting any reward."

This particularly touched me because it is the price of "ants", those who work in the shadow of media and podiums. This is the price of "little ones" who have big dreams. What a wonderful recognition of my commitment for so many years to put more awareness in the treatment of the news, to make this profession of journalist a tool to bring together the human community rather than divide it by feeding the anxiety matrix in which Humans are held captive with their consent. I felt very lonely in this fight, often preaching in the desert but also provoking the anger of many confreres or their mockery ... But today, other tongues of delice and the scientists themselves are beginning to dismount how many the way in which news is relayed has an individual impact on each reader / listener as on the future of the world. It is a paradigm of gigantic density and force, now obsolete, that is collapsing and I am delighted. It is not for nothing that the traditional press is going through a huge crisis with its lot of redundancies and restructuring. Because we do not want lies anymore, because we do not want to be manipulated any more. More and more citizens will learn from alternative, more free and objective sources of information, sources that contribute to human progress by freeing it from the blinding filter of false beliefs and illusions.

Isabelle and her faithful project partner, Sacheen Sierro, who has become a great friend since the beginning of the adventure.

Isabelle is surrounded by the members of the SGUP Committee, Sachee Sierro and Dominique Ducret, President of the SGUP. Personally, I think that if we want to contribute to building the foundations of a more just society, we must be inspired by each other. others in what elevates us. And that's why this award also lauds Joy for the Planet, which aims to serve what unites and grows human through exemplarity, authenticity, passion and joy. Sacheen Sierro, always ausso faithful and committed to JFP, was present to attend the ceremony held at the House of Peace. And we even sold bags to several members of the Committee in support of Joy for the Planet. I made an express round trip from Oslo to honor this beautiful reward. I especially thank Dominique Ducret who "saw me", who was sensitive to my small steps and understood the depth of the scope of the actions of the association Planetpositive through its project Joy for the Planet.

This is a great day in my life and I dedicate this award to all those who have trusted me for years ... They will recognize. I am an ant "laboriheureuses"! ????????

In the company of all the members of the SGUP Committee

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