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I finally managed to get my hands on him a few days ago in Tannay, Switzerland, on the occasion of the inauguration of a School of the False Note! Because Mella Vella is a traveling dove that almost never lands to catch her breath. It was for his tireless commitment and his tenacity to share joy and the best of Man that I wanted to offer him our famous trophy, our little solar lamp. So, did he become our 55ème Nominé de la Joie. This is 30 years that Marc Vella travels the world with his piano to spread joy and light with The Caravan in love.

The caravan in love On an expedition with buses to explore the depths of human life and to honor the documentary film, the women and men who commit themselves to make our world go towards more peace, solidarity and environmental awareness.

Marc Vella and the travelers who accompany him want to highlight the Heart of Man, heritage of humanity.

In thirty years, Marc Vella traveled with his grand piano near 300'000 km on the roads and paths of more than fifty countries to celebrate the human. Virtuoso pianist, 1er Composition Prize at TIM in Rome and Composition Prize in Paris, he gives concerts-conferences all over the world. Speaker, writer, author of the Key to Being and the Long-Seller "Praise of the false note", He runs courses for both professionals and laymen.

Creation of a School of False Note

Alongside the internships, Marc Vella has just created a rather original school: the school of the False Note, sponsored by Pierre Richard - False note therapy - Essart field in Genac and Switzerland, with Chantal Geoffroy Bourne, Tannay in called Space "The pocket gallery". This school proposes to deepen its inner flush by individual, couple or family sessions during the day and in groups, in the evening, by reflecting on a topic chosen jointly on the moment. Dates are fixed at regular intervals, approximately every month. Listening, welcoming who we are and music are at the heart of this teaching centered on self-esteem and love. To magnify the false notes of the existence, there is our first responsibility, explains Marc Vella! This posture of life offers us a lasting joy that opens us to grace and puts us in gratitude. This is relational ecology, the most fundamental, the only real lever to lift the world to love.

"This first class was a marathon in incredible humanity. All these lives that are revealed ... Their false life notes delivered so simply ... In such abandonment, such confidence ... That it was upsetting! These attempts at love so clumsy, all these calls to live in all possible ways ... All seek His light often without knowing it.
There are deep fears caused by wounds so old that it is difficult to grasp the reason and yet everything fits in one thing: the reception ... The look that says "yes I love you" and a heart who answers.
All these false notes are smiles of God who looks at us with benevolence by saying to us: go ahead, they are for you, they are your toys to build, I do not give you a leaflet, it's up to you to invent the form and play with! You can play with others if you wish ...
With all these false notes, You are here to create a world ... your world ... in that you are a God too ...
That's what I said to these people who for the most part before coming to consider themselves horrible with all their false notes ... I'm happy and very moved by all this! So many beauties in humanity! " wrote Marc Vella in a text message after this first experience.

Marc Vella is a free spirit, a rare specimen of an endangered species. Those who dare to live without whispering their lips or pinching them. Those who open his arms leaving their fears and doubt in the dressing room of the mind. Those who play with events as with playing cards that must be made the most of. He is a track opener, a joyful and awesome scout who must be used as a big buffet galore! 😉

Detailed information:
Marc Vella's website

Chantal Geoffroy Bourne 7 Pocket Gallery, Chemin de Bénuyer 1295 TANNAY T + 41 0 79 833 06 L

In 2014, with the association Planetpositive that I created a few years ago, we had organized a caravan in love with Cathy Vella in Tunisia, Marc being bedridden by a painful herniated disc! Here is the film I made on this wonderful experience, generously prepared and coordinated by our Tunisian friends and the Planetpositive Tunisia association, especially Marouen Zaara.

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