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Mission accomplished – end of Act I

Having covered 30’000 kms, crossed 23 countries, found 52 Nominees of Joy, given around one hundred helping hands on the way, offered momre than 150 solar lamps, shot more than 70 films, and written more than 250 articles on my blog as well as 500 postings on social network sites, 2 beautiful awards, I am pulling up my stakes for a while to go and write a book as well as make a feature-length documentary film about this odysee of joy.

The last three months were indeed as intense as the others… After my time in Madrid, Toledo and Cordoba,I went through Seville where I crossed paths with a « merry soul » who is taken for a mad man. I met Roberto, a passer-by wearing a coat and a bowler hat with a rainbow scarf. Roberto broke my heart when he explained to me that he had had several treatments in a psychiatric hospital because of a depression. After having spent a happy moment with him, I honestly asked myself if he wasn't less « deranged » than quite a few people who I met on the way, befuddled by drugs, alcohol or recklessness. Roberto was an « original » vibrant . personality, actually!

I arrived in Portugal where I interviewed some surfers come from all over the world to defy the ocean. I took advantage of the occasion to make a quirky film about a new drawing on Begoodee. Then I welcomed on board Begoodee a cheerful french friend who lives in the Valais region of Switzerland, Sophie Zeeny. Sophie was keen on helping me en route and supporting the project. She couldn't have been more useful or precious, especially when she helped to serve one of the meals offered and prepared by Joachim Da Sa to deprived people of the town of Caldas da Reihnas. We made a video of this extraordinary human being who has been serving a hot meal to his protégés twice a day for over 30 years, day in day out without exception. Sophie herself wrote a very beautiful testimony about her experience on board Begoodee.

After Sophie's departure, I took on board a hitchhiker for a couple of days, a young troubadour of modern times, half Peter Pan, half Robin of the Woods. He had left his Russian village on foot 6 years ago to travel through Europe with his dog Skoubi. Our encounter inspired me to create a little Christmas tale for a film…

On 8 december, I found myself in front of the Cathedral of Compostela in Spain where I was able to witness the waving of the famous Botafumeiro, that incense burner only used a couple of times a year. I saw this happy occasion as the sign that my adventure would come to an end in that symbolic instance. Filled with emotion and thoughts, I bowed down in front of all those who have blessed, accompanied and supported my pilgrimage of joy.

What conclusion can I come to of this adventure? In fact, having dared to really live life to the full opened up all the doors for me! Getting over my fears gave me some new strengths that will be invaluable for the future. Loving people unconditionally and sharing the best of human kind put me in touch with exceptional people. Allowing myself to open up to the world, to others, without judgement or resistance, allowed some people to reveal their true selves in terms of what they have to offer and more, and very often they weren't even aware of having it it in them.

Receiving or making a solar lamp managed to awaken or even reactivate a gushing source of energy in many of them.

If I had to keep one single memory in my mond that summarizes this marvellous adventure, it is that of that young homeless man in Portugal whom I asked to play a piece of music on his guitar. As soon as he had struck his last notre, he lifted his eyes towards us, flooded with tears. Ours were too. He admitted later on… Something profound, sweet and cheerful had light up again that evening… Those few seconds of grace for one single man managed to justify all my efforts and those who had contributed to the project by my side for thes two years. For a few seconds of return to an ephemeral and delicate sparkle.… Yes, as someone said with the words that they wrote on a wall (see above), « you have to grab hold of the joy from the days rushing by… ».

The entire Joy for the Planet team wishes you a wonderful holiday and sends you their best wishes for 2019 and thanks you for faithfully following this adventure, with enthusiasm and trust. We will perhaps meet again for a Joy for the Planbet 2 in 2020.In the meantime, I will occasionally continue to publish content onto my blog , social network sites and to inform you of future development in the Joy for the Planet newsletter.

Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois

An « enlightening » documentary in partnership with FIFEL, Fondation Internationale pour le Film sur l’Énergie of Lausanne

This documentary pays tribute to the sources of energy that our planet offers us for free before being transformed by men to meet their needs. Without the use of energy, the journalist Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois could not have fulfilled her dream: to cross Europe aboard her motorhome to share the joy, to relay the best of humanity through films, articles and reports. The nomadic reporter gave solar lamp workshops with the solar kits of the Lausanne start-up LEDsafari, also partner of FIFEL.

With the complicity of FIFEL, Lausanne International Film Foundation for Energy - FIFEL.CH, the journalist directed this documentary devoted to the "raw material" of all life on earth, energy and its many applications. Without sources of energy, no joy possible ...
Joy is energy that has found its place.
An article is dedicated to this collaboration between FIFEL, LEDsafari and JOY FOR THE PLANET.

The Best Of Joy for the Planet

How to summarize a year of images, interviews, encounters and landscapes in 3 minutes? Impossible! So I did a little sift, a bit at random, through the archives that I had on hand, most of my hard drives now already carefully stored away while waiting to deliver their treasures for editing my feature-length documentary film.

A christmas Tale « on the road »

I welcomed this young Russian hitchhiker who was going to Fisterra on board for a couple of day. A character straight out of a fairy tale!

Joaquim Da Sa, named » the benevolent «

He is one of the most humble and committed figures I have ever met. Joaquim Da Sa has been preparing two meals a day for the homeless in his city, every day without exception for 30 years .

Alponse the shepherd

By clicking on this link, you will discover an extraordinary man ... I thought that someone like Alponse only existed in novels ... I had the chance to spend Christmas alone with him, to discover the delicate intricacies of his mind, to enjoy the cooking of his soul, at the corner of his stove ... All this, in a silent simplicity that floods the heart with beauty and love. I thank my dear friend Yvette Petermann, a biodynamic farmer in Delémont, for introducing me to this king of the alps. When I think it all happened 10 years ago already ...

News of some Nominees

The success of Herbettes de François Maurisse is booming! Exhibitions of his work are now requested worldwide! I regularly stay in touch with this absolutely real enchanter!SAVIN
Jean-Jacques Savin is crossing the Atlantic Ocean in his barrel as we speak! Remember, I was the first journalist to talk about his dream and make a video before his project was picked up by the world press! You can follow his progress live by clicking here. I had met him one morning when walking my dog ​​Ulysses in the Arcachon bay!NICCI
I had planned to spend Christmas with my dear Nicci Shoemaker , this young single mother suffering from a very serious cancer who I made a movie aboutWe have now postponed my visit to the end of January because Nicci felt too weak. I will give you more news when I return in early February. I would like to thank the donors and all the members of the group I created on Whatsapp for their support to Nicci.PRADERVAND
Pierre Pradervand leaves for Houston in a few days, to visit his famous friend, Roger Mac Gowen, who has been imprisoned in the USA for more than 25 years. His book, "Life message from death row" published by Editions Jouvence, a pearl of wisdom, has been a huge success.

Yuya Takahashi has been pinched back from the national ballet of Budapest (Hungary) by his home nation. He has been engaged as a soloist and will certainly become a future star dancer in Japan. The video of our meeting was one of the most watched in the series.

Reinier Sijpkens went to get some blankets, clothes and baby clothes for the migrants of Calais on the occasion of Christmas a few days ago. However, he was arrested by the French police (photo below). But the magic of the Amsterdam musician worked. He played them a serenade and the police were very moved by it! Everything finally went smoothly. Hat off to you Maestro!

I will give you news of the other Nominees (there are more than 50!) in the next newsletters.

A very special Nominee!

For the thousands of hours devoted to Joy for the Planet, here is a particularly well chosen Nominee!

So what next?

Thanks to the founders of Coast Workshops in Etoy, I will be able to enjoy a small place of my own in Burgundy, from February to September, in order to write a book and make a film on this odyssey of joy.

With regard to this, I am looking for a producer or a partner who would agree to invest in the production of this feature film that I want to broadcast on television, in cinemas or at Film Festivals. If my friend readers have any ideas, I would be most grateful! You can write to me at:

How about after the film? In 2020?
If you demonstrate your interest in a Joy for the Planet 2, if the public is receptive to my book and my movie at the end of next year, if I find the financial means to do so, then I would be delighted to go back on the road to tell and share more joy elsewhere in the world. We'll keep you updated on Joy for the Planet developments through my blog and newsletter.

New trips in the name of Joy

For those who don't know it, before I started the adventure of Joy for the Planet in 2017, I created a sustainable travel portal Planetpositive Action in 2018 that I put on hold this year 2019. PLease note that in XNUMX, along with the writing of my book and the realization of my film, I intend to relaunch some of the trips focusing this time on the theme of sharing joy.
Thus, I propose two new trips in 2019, a Joy for the Planet cruise-conference this summer on an extraordinary yacht in Turkey, the Enderim and a meeting with the community of Damanhur combined with the visit of the Temples of Humanity in Italy. I still have to update the rates on my website. I will personally accompany my groups. Limited place availability so book early. A newsletter dedicated to these trips will be sent to you in the coming days. Also, a new travel page for Joy for the Planet is being created at

Mugs and bags still for sale on our website!

On our website, offer yourself a little souvenir of this Joy for the Planet I journey or if only to support my film and book project! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

My very last testimonial on the air of theRSR with Lucas Torrent in At the boarding!

2019, the year of conferences for Joy for the Planet

It is with pleasure that I will come and give you a lively and animated conference about this incredible adventure! In company, in schools, in old people's homes or in youth clubs etc.. I am available to share and spread joy giving concrete examples experienced on the road during one entire year. Write to me at

Relive the entire Joy for the Planet adventure on YOUTUBE


Thanks to my project partner Sacheen Sierro who supported me without fail every single day in this adventure. I thank all the donors of Joy for the Planet, my readers and in particular all the volunteers who got involved in the project, be it for the maintenance of Begoodee (Yves Linder, Yann Ansermier, Paulo Soares, Leonor Rodrigues) or for the organization of conferences (Catherine and Bernard de Ridder, Francine Dafflon, Sandrine Pillon and Clothilde Mendes). I thank the school teachers in France who kindly let me teach their students to make solar lights. Thanks to Renara Akhoundova for her voluntary concert in Geneva and Caroline Hürlimann for her services in English translation. Thank you to all my readers, especially the most diligent, who have faithfully "liked", liked and shared all my publications.

Thanks to my partners LEDsafari (solar kits) and the FIFEL (International Film Foundation for Energy) for their contribution to Joy for the Planet. I will devote a special article thereafter.

Thanks to Radio Suisse Romande and Lucas Torrent who has regularly shared my adventures in his show À l'Abordage. Thanks to the longtime friend and editor-in-chief Cossonay Newspaper Pascal Pellegrino who has so generously reserved a space every 15 days since one year. Thanks to Florie Thielin, our webmaster, for her responsiveness and expertise. Thanks to Cindy Roccia for her beautiful logo.

Special thanks Fabienne Baechler for her wonderful paintings aboard Begoodee and her incredible STOP MOTION in introduction of almost all my videos. Thanks to Marie Mellioret, Koum Dièse, Sophie Zeeny and Flore Blancpain-Filipovic, 3 passengers who came to join me for a few days in order to offer joy, whether it was through singing and music or by participating in a united action. Thanks to Tanya Meredith for her musical creation especially for us.

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