New Nominee of Joy - Tamlin Schibler Ulmann - initiator of the national event against 5G

To cultivate joy is not to close one's eyes in the face of absurdity and the negation of common sense. For Tamlin Schibler Ulmann, what makes her happy is to dedicate all her energy to serve life by mobilizing against forces seeking to harm the laws of Creation. This young mother, translator, teacher of mindfulness and yoga for children, passionate about permaculture, is a modest citizen who no longer wants to serve as a guinea pig or "larder" to profit keepers who advance their pawns in impunity to the detriment of respect for people, animals and nature.

We are witnessing a real and thrilling chess game between two polarities, one that sows life and light against the one who prefers black squares and destruction. In other words, this is the scenario that has prevailed since the dawn of time on our planet and many adventure films and science fiction are inspired. Yet the reality of the facts is there ... For the first time in history, this part of failure seems close to the denouement and it is now that we must mobilize to sublimate this (t) (in) infernal game, by the Love and the opening of the consciences .
Tamlin invites us to seize this immense opportunity to free ourselves from our fears and servitudes by recovering from the pressures and assaults of all the powers external to us. And she gave the example, she had the courage to organize a national event, this Friday 10 May, against 5G, a technology harmful to our humanity, in every sense of the word. His message does not want to spread fear, on the contrary. It gives us the strength to rise up and the joy of living in respect for our planet. TheShadow exists to invite us to find the way to the Light so let's take this great opportunity to light our interior lights!
And that's why Joy for the Planet will offer him Friday, after this national event, the little solar trophy that has already humbly dedicated more than 57 Nominees of Joy all over Europe and who diffuse light, enthusiasm and hope, by re-connecting to the wisdom of simplicity.
Here is a short video shot just after the press conference held this morning in Berne in which Tamlin shares the reasons for his commitment alongside his French, Swiss-German and Ticino friends. The cause transcends differences and in this, she is already beautiful ...
Tamlin initiated the Stop 5G event with Luisa Diaz and Oliver Bodenmann.
Joy for the Planet also wishes to greet and thank all the members of the Citizen Committee "Stop 5G", Olivier, Fanny, Louisa, Cindy, Coco, Valerie, Peter, Martin, Hans, Marvin, Melanie, Patricia, Anastasia, Veronique and Patrick.
All their approach and the details of this mobilization is to discover on the site STOP 5G
Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois

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