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Begoodee wintering in a garage for the winter, the adventure of joy continues beyond the borders of Europe ... I go find Tatawi, a little Burmese girl whom I took of affection after having met her in a clinic that cares for orphans and sick children in Yangon 3 years ago thanks to the Zurich Sanni Foundation. Today, thanks to the mobilization of a young woman, Gabrielle Labarthe, 21 years, and her mother Eve-Marie Klima Koehler, founder and director of theSchool Germaine de Staël In Aubonne for children with high potential, we bring suitcases full of clothes and toys for these little Burmese. From 3 to 17 February, Tatawi will discover his country a little through 10 extraordinary days from Yangon to Ngapali Beach through Mandalay and Bagan ... As always, my intention is to offer joy and time to those who could need or have the joy to share through my microphone, my camera and my articles ... I am both the receiver and the diffuser of happy waves!

Back on the beginning of a very nice story

Little Tatawi the day we met 3 years ago ...

Here's how it all started ... In 2016, I was mandated by the Sanni Foundation (Zurich) to report (below) on their activities in Burma, including the actions it is funding from a very committed local medical NGO, the MAM. The SANNI Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the education and training of children and adolescents to fight extreme poverty, promote women's health and empowerment. By shooting images in the clinic she funded and developed with MAM for sick children and especially orphans, during a distribution of toys and clothes donated by donors, my attention was drawn to a girl, frail, sad and reserved, hidden in a corner. When I asked her name, I was told that she was called "Tatawi", that she had just arrived at the clinic because she had lost both her parents who were sick with AIDS and that her own health was suspended. Since she herself had HIV and tuberculosis, she was visiting the clinic to receive her triple therapy and more comprehensive care.

I was so touched by this little being that I decided to sponsor her because it is also the goal of the Sanni Foundation: find godparents who support, for 360 CHF per year, orphans by offering them some education and food. So I had the chance to become the godmother of Tatawi.

Tatawi and her adopted little sister Tenzin, 2 years ago ...

A year later, I returned to Burma to spend several days with Tatawi and his adopted family in the poorest district of the capital. I tried to give him English lessons so that we could communicate a little ... without much success I bought an electric bicycle so that I could visit them every day and spend time with Tatawi and her little sister adoptive, Tenzine. Two years have passed. Tatawi has become a lovely little girl, her hair has grown back, she has gained weight and a little confidence in herself. His adoptive father is a motorcycle taxi driver. His adoptive mother keeps the children.

This year, I thought it was time to go back and spend some time with Tatawi. I learned that Tatawi asked to leave school because she was discriminated against by the other children who made fun of her. You must know that because of her illness and the fire of her biological parents, she had been out of school for 7 years! At the age of 15 years, she found herself on school benches with children 8 years! Her adoptive parents then placed her in a cardboard factory. But her dream is to become a seamstress ... And we will do everything to make it happen!

By posting on Facebook my intention to travel to Burma to continue to support Tatawi and the Sanni Foundation, Gabrielle Labarthe responded to my call with enthusiasm and joined the trip. With her mother, Eve-Marie, they managed to collect several clothes from the generous parents of theGermaine School of Stael. A dad even offered to offer a sewing machine to the little girl! With Gabrielle, we will try to realize the dream of Tatawi. I hired a young interpreter to allow us to communicate with my little "godchild". Moshkin is also 21 years old and is a student in environmental sciences. She will accompany us during 15 days to facilitate us in our modest mission.

I tried to teach them English without much success ... ;-)))

Gabrielle Labarthe and her mother (right) Eve-Marie Klima Koehler

This trip has 4 goals:

  1. Traveling a few days around the country and discovering it in Tatawi
  2. Offer some clothes collected by École Germaine de Staël and Gabrielle Labarthe at the Lotus Clinic Orphanage in Yangon.
  3. Organize sewing classes for Tatawi and buy him a sewing machine
  4. Find new godfathers for children supported by the Sanni Foundation.Thanks to the Germaine de Staël School, Eve Marie Klima Koehler and Gabrielle Labarthe, thank you to the parents of the Germaine de Staël School students for their mobilization and generosity. We are looking forward to sharing this adventure with us through this blog and social networks on Facebook et InstagramBelow, here are the reports I made on the Sanni Foundation, which regularly looks for godparents to support the needs of its little protégés.

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