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Lovsky and I arrived in Burgundy, in the small village of Bissy-sur-Fley, the birthplace of the great man and regrettably forgiven Pontus Tyard (1521-1605), where we are generously welcomed for a few months under the roof of my friends Anne-Catherine and Alain Schneiter, co-founders of The Workshops of the Coast SA, the time to write the book on the adventure Joy for the Planet and to make a feature film that will appear at Editions Ambre in autumn.

Forgive me already if I will be momentarily less active on social networks. I wish to refocus on these two projects and offer you the best possible distillation of these unforgettable seeds of joy across Europe.

May this former lord of Bissy, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, poet and counselor of great kings, humbly inspire my work.

This poet described how his soul aspired to rise from physical beauty to moral beauty, accomplishing this Platonic journey to the contemplation of the essential Beauty, in whose heart there is also pure love. It is in the same spirit and the same quest that I want to write my book and make my film ...

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