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The Association founded by Isabelle A. Bourgeois in 2016 aims to:

  • support and promote peace in the world
  • to promote closer relations between peoples through solidarity action and the promotion of individual and collective well-being.
  • promote the best of man through the sharing of knowledge and positive experiences.
  • to encourage intercultural dialogue and tolerance through extraordinary and united journeys
  • work towards the creation of an international platform "Joy for the Planet" with the aim of promoting joy in the world.
  • support all communication projects (media, conferences, audio-visual, social networks, etc.) allowing the development of a news of hope and exemplarity.
  • Network and federate all the actors of the civil society, the companies and the institutions which aim for the same objectives as those of the association.


With a contribution of 30 CHF per year (25 euros), I support the help given by the volunteer journalist Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois during her travels in the field and her action for positive and constructive information.