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Beautiful evening yesterday at the Ecole Germaine de Stael.
Many public, very moved, concerned by the fact that Joy can carry many messages and raise mountains ...

Thank you very much Eve Marie Klima Koehler for having me so kindly welcomed in the beautiful and warm local Germaine de Staël School in Aubonne (for children HP) of which she is the founder and the director to share the adventure Joy for the Planet.

As always, I am impressed by the listening and the quality of the audience around this project. Yesterday, at the end of the conference, I was able to chat almost personally with everyone and noticed how each one vibrated with a particular color, radiated with a flamboyant or discreet energy but still alive and intense.

With their questions and relevant comments, they gave me the impression that many were ready to throw themselves into the arms of the world, with a little more reserve perhaps to hug themselves and recognize themselves in their scarcity ... I meet many people ready to see the beauty in everything except themselves ... And how much everyone shone last night!
I was also touched by the presence of young adults who told me they felt "less lonely" in their desire to love people and dare to live their dreams.

Eve Marie Klima Koehler and Gabrielle Labarthe also shared the very nice project they are developing in Burma, the creation of a small school on the Irrawaddy River (near Mandalay) to be financed by the sale of the violin of Eve Marie's father, René Klima. Gabrielle and her mother will supervise the follow-up of the work and the implementation of the pedagogic approach of the school. Volunteer teachers will be able to come and discover the Burmese spirit for a few weeks while putting themselves at the service of local education by sharing their experience. I can not wait to come discover this baby next year!

Before we parted, we visited my Begoodee motorhome again! This conference was offered but I had the immense surprise of receiving several donations for the association Planetpositive (for a positive treatment of the news) and the following adventure Joy for the Planet! May they be here infinitely thanked!

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