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In Macedonia, I met Borche Dimitrovski, thanks to the Bulgarian NGO "Green Association". It was by taking hitchhikers in Bulgaria that I learned that they were going to Macedonia for a volunteer mission as part of their commitment to the European Voluntary Service, a program for young people from 18 to 30 years. It covers all costs and offers a unique experience that allows volunteers to improve their relationship and professional skills. So, on the road, I met several. Some helped a local team set up a music festival in Bulgaria, others, like Michele Nuzzolese, got involved to help this young Macedonian give a new impetus to his village. I saw them digging, turning the earth, remaking a facade, cooking, picking fruit, coordinating public reception at a festival, playing music and showing great friendship and solidarity among them. I was unaware of the existence of this European voluntary service and it was a great discovery, a multi-cultural bridge for young people very rewarding.

I made this video after my visit there ... and Borche Dimitrovski has become our new Nominee of Joy!
In Macedonia, I put Borche Dimitrovski, thanks to the Bulgarian NGO the "Green Association" ...

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